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8 Tips To Make Veterinarian Visits Smoother

Taking any pet to the veterinarian can be a stressful ordeal, and it can be particularly stressful for cats. Whether your cat is an indoor cat or an outdoor/indoor cat, they most likely won’t be pleased with the unfamiliar surroundings and intrusive situation. There are many ways to make your trip to the veterinarian easier for both you and your cat. We’ve got some great tips and tricks lined up for you here that can help make veterinarian trips much less of a pain, resulting in a happier cat and an easier experience for you.

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Dear Green Gato #8 – This One’s For The Birds

African Grey Parrot And CatDear Green Gato,

I have quite a predicament. I have a darling cat named Jesse, and a sweet dog named Ralph. Jesse and Ralph get along great and tend to act like brothers, rather than cat and dog. Ralph is an old hound, and Jesse is a silly 3-year old orange boy cat. They cuddle, they play, and nothing seems to get out of hand. Now, on to my problem. One of my best friends has a pet cockatoo. They will be out of the country for three months, and need someone to take care of their bird.

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Dear Green Gato #7 – Beard Buddies

Cat Care With ManDear Green Gato,

I have a question about a very weird cat habit that I’ve noticed in my cat, Simon. I’ve had Simon ever since he was a little kitten. I actually found him when he was really young and have basically raised him since he was roughly four months old. We are clearly very bonded, and he is my “furbaby,” as you say. Whenever I’m hanging out with Simon, he does the weirdest thing. He seems to be overcome with love for me and rubs his face all over my beard. It’s really cute, and I’ve seen videos of other cats doing the same thing, but I’m just wondering where he picked up such an odd habit.

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Kitty Litter 101

Small scottish kitten next to red plastic litter catThere are many types and brands of cat litter out there, and most cats tend to have their own preferences. You can think of kitty litter like toilet paper; people have their own preferences, and different types have different benefits. Price, effectiveness, and your cat’s personal preference all play key roles in your kitty litter choice. We’ve got the down-low on the four most common types of litter right here.

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How To Introduce Cats To Each Other

Kitten PortraitsMany cat owners would agree that cats are more like humans than their furry counterparts. They talk to us, have distinctly different personalities, and are overall more picky than other animals. Just like with humans, cats don’t all automatically like each other. It takes time, patience, and open mindedness in order to have two quarreling cats get along.

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How To Warm Up A Shy Kitty

Stray Cat Peering Through The DoorCats are much like people in so many ways. They each have their own quirks, affections, and personalities. When raising a cat from a kitten, you have lots of control over the way that they’ll end up when it comes to behavior. Kittens tend to be naturally curious but also shy since they’re so new to this big world. Adult cats can be shy for a variety of reasons. If you’re dealing with a shy cat, there are many ways to help your kitty feel calm and comfortable in their home, ultimately leading to a less shy cat.

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Is Your Cat Lonely?

portrait of a cat that looks out of the windowCats are independent creatures, but this doesn’t mean that they want to be alone. Contrary to popular belief, cats are social animals. Despite their sometimes solitary nature, at the end of the day, cats prefer company and loneliness can really affect a stifled indoor cat. Many cat owners worry that their furry friends feel lonely when they leave the house. You may have heard the “I’m lonely” yowl from your pet right after you close the door.

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Combatting Cat Allergies

Allergy to animal fur concept. Man in respirator holding his cat.Suffering with cat allergies is awful, and it’s especially terrible when you are a cat-lover. Luckily, there are many solutions to combat these pesky feline allergens, as well as complete solutions. It’s important to understand what allergies are and what causes them, so that you can figure out the best way to avoid them and hopefully add a feline friend to your life.

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Dear Green Gato #5 – Bathroom Cats

Cat In Bathroom Sink
Dear Green Gato,

I have two cats, Toulouse and Remy. They are silly, cuddly, and all-around great kitties. I know that all cats have weird habits, but mine have one weird habit that they simply can’t get over. The one bizarre habit that I just can’t seem to understand is: Why must my cats always join me in the bathroom? I’ve noticed it with my past cats, but Toulouse and Remy just won’t leave it alone! I almost can’t get away.

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Dear Green Gato #4 – The Name Game

CatsDear Green Gato,

I have two adorable cats named Naboo and Valentine. The kitties get along great and each have their own silly personalities. They are great housemates, and I can tell that they love hanging out with people. One big difference that I’ve noticed between the two, however, is that Naboo responds to her name and Valentine doesn’t. If I say Naboo’s name, she always either runs over or at least gives me a look of, “What do you want?” Valentine simply won’t respond! I can try and try, but she just doesn’t care! Why does Naboo answer to her name, but Valentine doesn’t?

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