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Dear Green Gato #6 – Cats and Boxes

Cat Looking Through A Hole In Cardboard BoxDear Green Gato,

My cat, Daisy, is the silliest little thing. She loves to play, loves to hunt, and loves to cuddle. She also has an obsession with small spaces. Any time I bring home the groceries and unload them into the fridge, I have a cat delivery in the bag. If I’m packing for a trip, there’s Daisy, plopped right in my empty luggage case. It’s an adorable habit, but I have no idea why she does it! I know that there are lots of videos online of cats in hilarious small spaces, and lots of my friends with cats say that theirs do the same thing. Why do cats love boxes and small spaces so much?

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Dear Green Gato #5 – Bathroom Cats

Cat In Bathroom Sink
Dear Green Gato,

I have two cats, Toulouse and Remy. They are silly, cuddly, and all-around great kitties. I know that all cats have weird habits, but mine have one weird habit that they simply can’t get over. The one bizarre habit that I just can’t seem to understand is: Why must my cats always join me in the bathroom? I’ve noticed it with my past cats, but Toulouse and Remy just won’t leave it alone! I almost can’t get away.

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Dear Green Gato #4 – The Name Game

CatsDear Green Gato,

I have two adorable cats named Naboo and Valentine. The kitties get along great and each have their own silly personalities. They are great housemates, and I can tell that they love hanging out with people. One big difference that I’ve noticed between the two, however, is that Naboo responds to her name and Valentine doesn’t. If I say Naboo’s name, she always either runs over or at least gives me a look of, “What do you want?” Valentine simply won’t respond! I can try and try, but she just doesn’t care! Why does Naboo answer to her name, but Valentine doesn’t?

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Dear Green Gato #3 – Hunting Eyes

Portrait Of The Striped Guarded CatDear Green Gato,

Why do my cat’s pupils get huge when she “hunts” me? My sweet little tabby, Lucy, is quite the spaz. One second she’s under the blankets, and the next she’s jumping off the walls. She’s still a kitten of about 10 months, so I assume that she will reduce the human hunting as she matures. Every time she begins to stalk me, her pupils get huge. If I come in the room and her pupils are dialated, I know to watch out.

Why do cats pupils get large when they hunt, and how should I respond to make sure that no violent attacks spring up?

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Dear Green Gato #2 – Nature vs. Nurture

Cat On FloorDear Green Gato,

My question is about cats and their temperament. I was wondering how much of their personality is a given, and how much has to do with my raising them. I’m thinking about adopting a cat, and I would love to raise a kitten from the start, but I know that adopting an adult cat has advantages as well. If you adopt an adult cat, are they set in their ways? Can receiving a cat at a younger age allow you to curb their disposition? Do they have set attitudes?

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Dear Green Gato #1 – Electronic Cat

Cat And MouseDear Green Gato,

My boyfriend and I have recently adopted a Grey Tabby named Ellington. Ellington is exactly what we were looking for in a cat; he’s sweet, funny, and very cuddly. The only problem is that he is completely fascinated with our electronics! He loves to walk all over our desktop keyboards, and messing with our power cords. We know that spraying water is a good way to set boundaries for cats, but we can’t spray water near our electronics. We were wondering if you have any solutions to keep our curious kitty off the keyboard!

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