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Everything You Wanted To Know About Polydactyl Cats

polydactyl cat tabby

As you can see, this polydactyl tabby has a few extra fingers

Polydactyl cats, otherwise known affectionately as Hemingway cats, have been a source of wonder for many cat owners for years now. The term polydactyl comes from the greek words polys, meaning “many”, and daktylos, meaning “finger”. Polydactyl cats can show up in almost any litter and are just as beautiful and agile as their average-number of fingers siblings. Here, we’re going to delve into the truth about polydactyl cats and the wonder of their genetic mutation.

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13 Little-Known Facts About Black Cats

Black cats: No longer a mystery

Black cats: No longer a mystery

Many rumors and superstitions have surrounded black cats for years. However, nearly all of them are unfounded, and black cats are no different than any other delightful housecat. We’ve got 13 lesser-known facts about black cats for you right here, so keep on reading to learn all about the majestic black beauties.

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Cats In Ancient Egypt

If you’ve been to the Ancient Egypt section of any art museum, you’ve surely noticed the influence that cats had over the time period. Sculptures, paintings, stories, and almost any other artifact that you can find will have some reference to cats. Cats, known as “Mau” in Ancient Egypt, were truly worshipped as gods, and many treasured deities captured feline traits. Ancient Egypt is credited to having first domesticated cats approximately 10,000 years ago, working with the Egyptians as rodent-hunters in an area known as the Fertile Crescent, located in Northeast Africa.

The Ancient Egyptians had a fascination with cats, as well as lions. The two types of cats that were common in Egypt were the Jungle Cat and the African Wild Cat. Both earned their place in Egyptian culture by preying on rats and vermin that would afflict the town’s grain mills. The African Wild Cat was the first to begin domestication, however eventually the two types bred to form the common house-cat of Ancient Egypt.

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9 Famous Cats Throughout History

Most people could easily name a few famous dogs in history; Balto, Lassie, Old Yeller, but can you name famous cats throughout history? As it turns out, cats have been making headlines for hundreds of years now. These cats are known for their bravery, loyalty, and all-around feline feats. Keep reading for some of the most interesting cat-tales of all time.

1. Unsinkable Sam

HMS_Cossack_(D57)_in_heavy_seas_c1951Unsinkable Sam is a famous Ship’s Cat, known for his service in the Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy during the Second World War. This black and white cat was owned by a crewman of the battleship Bismarck, owned by the Germans. The Bismarck was sunk, and only 118 of the 2,200+ crew survived, including Sam.

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