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5 Tips To Keep Your Cat Off The Counter

Counter CatCats are naturally curious, agile jumpers, and many love to be the center of attention. This leads to some less than ideal situations when it comes to the counter and other undesirable surfaces for a cat to walk on. Some cats are naturally timid and don’t explore areas that they shouldn’t be in, but for majority of cat owners, jumping up is a common problem. If you have some spots that you don’t want your cat exploring, we’ve got the definitive guide to keeping kitties away right here.

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Kitty Litter 101

Small scottish kitten next to red plastic litter catThere are many types and brands of cat litter out there, and most cats tend to have their own preferences. You can think of kitty litter like toilet paper; people have their own preferences, and different types have different benefits. Price, effectiveness, and your cat’s personal preference all play key roles in your kitty litter choice. We’ve got the down-low on the four most common types of litter right here.

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Why Does My Cat Have Bad Breath?

Yawning catCats are clean and tidy creatures, known to meticulously groom and bathe themselves. Most cats have their self-grooming practice down pat, but there’s one part of their body that cats simply can’t clean on their own; their mouth. A cat’s mouth produces bacteria just like humans’ do.

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Dear Green Gato #1 – Electronic Cat

Cat And MouseDear Green Gato,

My boyfriend and I have recently adopted a Grey Tabby named Ellington. Ellington is exactly what we were looking for in a cat; he’s sweet, funny, and very cuddly. The only problem is that he is completely fascinated with our electronics! He loves to walk all over our desktop keyboards, and messing with our power cords. We know that spraying water is a good way to set boundaries for cats, but we can’t spray water near our electronics. We were wondering if you have any solutions to keep our curious kitty off the keyboard!

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