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Dear Green Gato #8 – This One’s For The Birds

African Grey Parrot And CatDear Green Gato,

I have quite a predicament. I have a darling cat named Jesse, and a sweet dog named Ralph. Jesse and Ralph get along great and tend to act like brothers, rather than cat and dog. Ralph is an old hound, and Jesse is a silly 3-year old orange boy cat. They cuddle, they play, and nothing seems to get out of hand. Now, on to my problem. One of my best friends has a pet cockatoo. They will be out of the country for three months, and need someone to take care of their bird.

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Is Your Cat Lonely?

portrait of a cat that looks out of the windowCats are independent creatures, but this doesn’t mean that they want to be alone. Contrary to popular belief, cats are social animals. Despite their sometimes solitary nature, at the end of the day, cats prefer company and loneliness can really affect a stifled indoor cat. Many cat owners worry that their furry friends feel lonely when they leave the house. You may have heard the “I’m lonely” yowl from your pet right after you close the door.

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How To Introduce a Cat and a Dog

Little cute puppy of yorksire terrier and red mixed-breed kitten isolated on white. Two lovely friends sits and looking at camera!Whether you have a dog and are introducing a new cat, you’ve got a pet kitty and you are introducing a new dog, or you simply want your current pets to get along better, we’ve got your step-by-step guide for introducing a cat and a dog. You may be afraid that your pets will never get along, but almost any two pets can learn to live harmoniously if you’ve prepared their introductions right. Remember, it could take up to a year for your pets to truly cohabitate peacefully, so don’t worry if they don’t get along right away.

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