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Feeding Your Cat: The Basics

Cat With FoodThe appetite of a cat ranges greatly from feline-to-feline; you may have a voracious eater, or a picky kitty. Some cat owners feed their furbabies regularly throughout the day, while others only feed their cats when they ask for a meal. Some cats eat whatever’s placed in front of them, while others can leave food mountain and only eat what they need. Regardless of your cat’s appetite, it is important to feed them right. Here, we’re going to talk about what a proper diet looks like for a cat and how you can give your kitty the best diet possible.

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Is Your Cat Fat?

Persian Harlequin Cat, 6 Months Old, Sitting In Front Of White BAh, fat cats; it seems as though Garfield started a trend. Many food-motivated cats are just fine, but other overweight cats may be at risk of some serious medical conditions. It is important to keep track of your pet’s eating habits along with any weight changes that you might notice. Here, we’re going to talk about some ways that you can help your cat get in the best shape possible and how to further prevent weight gain.

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