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Dear Green Gato #11 – Tongue Of The Cat

Close-up of a Birman licking against white background

Dear Green Gato,

I am writing to you to clear up a super odd habit that my cat has. My furbaby, Pirate, is the weirdest little guy. He’s affectionate and outgoing, especially for a cat. He is food-motivated, and sometimes can’t stop meowing whenever I walk through the kitchen. Once I feed him, he’s overjoyed and proceeds to indulge in whatever I’ve brought for him. Afterwards, almost like clockwork, Pirate comes to join me wherever I am and proceeds to lick all over me with his weird sandpaper tongue! I get that he is ready to groom after a big meal, but why on earth does he have to lick me?

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What’s The Deal With Hairballs?

Bengal cat eating or being sickIt’s safe to assume that almost every cat owner has some experience with one of the cat’s most delightful attributes; the majestic hairball. These elusive balls of cat hair and spit seem to appear out of nowhere and can certainly take you by surprise. Some cats are more prone to hairballs than others, and there are many ways that you can as a pet owner reduce the pesky accidents. Brace yourselves, because it’s time to learn everything there is to know about hairballs.

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Combatting Cat Allergies

Allergy to animal fur concept. Man in respirator holding his cat.Suffering with cat allergies is awful, and it’s especially terrible when you are a cat-lover. Luckily, there are many solutions to combat these pesky feline allergens, as well as complete solutions. It’s important to understand what allergies are and what causes them, so that you can figure out the best way to avoid them and hopefully add a feline friend to your life.

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Cats vs. Fleas

Gray cat sitting on the tarmac and itchesCats are great companions, and tend to be extra clean and tidy when compared to many other types of pets. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that Fluffy is entirely immune to parasites such as the dreaded flea. Fleas are more common with indoor/outdoor and outdoor cats, as they are regularly exposed to the outside world. However, indoor cats are also at risk. We’ve got all the details you need right here on how to spot the first signs of fleas, how to treat them, and how to prevent them. Fleas can be easily overlooked and should be taken seriously. If you think that your home and/or pet has developed a seriously dangerous case of fleas, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

If you think that your cat may have fleas, you’ll notice one or many of the following symptoms:

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7 Crafty Ways to Reduce Shedding

Ah, cat hair. What a love-hate relationship we all have with it. On one hand, our cat’s hair is so much of what makes them adorable and fluffy and warm. On the other hand, a cat’s shedding hair can get on clothing, furniture, and anything that comes in contact with a cat. If you have friends with cat allergies, you know that they fear cat hair like it’s the bubonic plague. Removing excess fur also helps your cats by reducing the amount of hair that will eventually shed and end up in a bothersome hairball. Lucky for cat owners and future cat owners, there are many ways to effectively deal with pesky cat-hair.

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