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How To Introduce Cats To Each Other

Kitten PortraitsMany cat owners would agree that cats are more like humans than their furry counterparts. They talk to us, have distinctly different personalities, and are overall more picky than other animals. Just like with humans, cats don’t all automatically like each other. It takes time, patience, and open mindedness in order to have two quarreling cats get along.

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How Many Cats Is Too Many?

One cat grooming another cat isolated on grey background.Is becoming the “crazy cat lady” a self-fulfilling prophecy? Is there a set number of square footage required per cat? Many cat owners desire to add a second cat to their household; if not for their own enjoyment, to get their first kitty a friend. Having a cat is awesome, and having two is even better. Most households can accommodate two cats in even the smallest of quarters. However, when adopting even just one cat it is important to fully understand how much space, time, energy, and money you’ll need to provide for your new pack,

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