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5 Fun Ways To Exercise Your Cat

Having a cat as a pet is a low-maintenance job, only requiring a few routine practices to keep your furbaby happy and healthy. Between feeding, grooming, taking care of the litter box, and other small tasks that are required of a cat owner, many cat owners forget one of the most important things that they need to do; exercise their kitty! Cats are very close to their wild ancestors, and are therefore built to run, leap, and stalk every day. Did you know that the biggest health problem for domestic cats is obesity? Here, we’re going to discuss some easy and hassle-free ways to introduce more exercise into your feline’s day.

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Walking Your Cat

"What're you lookin' at?"

“What’re you lookin’ at?”

Cats aren’t known for their obedience skills, and many cat owners wonder if they’ll ever teach their kitty a trick. Contrary to this popularly-held belief, it is entirely possible to teach your cat tricks, and even teach them how to walk on a leash with you. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, you likely won’t need to worry about leashing your cat, but you might want to give it a shot simply as a bonding experience between you two. For those of you longing to bring your kitty outside but have less than favorable surroundings, teaching your cat to walk on a leash might just be the trick.

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How To Teach Your Cat To Play Fetch

Cute Little Kitten With A Wool Ball In MouthCats aren’t known for their obedience or rule-following skills; this much is true. Cats may not be good at coming when called, doing tricks, or many other favorable canine qualities, but did you know that you can teach a cat to play fetch? Many cats have achieved this hilarious capability, and yours can, too. This comical trick will have your kitty running to fetch and return balls and toys, and your guests won’t be able to help but get jealous. Playing fetch with your cat also introduces a new form of exercise and bonding to your relationship.

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