The Benefits of Spaying/Neutering

Spaying and neutering your pet has become “the norm” over the past few decades. In such a short time, the population of stray cats and dogs has plummeted, and there are less homeless animals than ever before. Spaying and neutering is the best way to contribute to feline and canine population control by controlling the issue before it even happens. But, did you know that spaying and neutering your pets provides you with immediate benefits right in your own home?

Couple Taking Playing With Pet Cat At HomeHealth Benefits: There are many reasons to spay/neuter your cats that will directly affect their lives on a day-to-day basis. On average, neutered male cats live approximately 62 percent longer than unneutered cats, and spayed females live approximately 39 percent longer. Although this statistic doesn’t include the fact that it is much more likely for spayed/neutered cats to be household pets as opposed to street pets, the statistic also has to do with the health benefits of the procedure. For the best health results of spaying/neutering, you will want to have your pet’s operation before they reach sexual maturity at six months of age, although the procedure can be done on adult cats as well.

Some of the health benefits that spaying/neutering offer include:
Reduced risk of breast cancer
Elimination of risk of uterine infections
Elimination of risk of testicular cancer and prostatic hyperplasia

portrait of a cat that looks out of the windowHome Benefits: You may think, “If my cat doesn’t go outside or have access to other cats, then why should I get them fixed?” Well, spaying and neutering your cats actually provides you with benefits on a day-to-day basis. Female cats are absolutely nuts when going through heat, and having your little lady spayed will save you lots of time and annoyance. Heat, or estrus, refers to the time when your cat is in mating mode. Cats go through heat cycles multiple times a year, taking place for 14 to 21 days. Symptoms of a cat in heat include vaginal bleeding, acting overly affectionate, spraying of urine to mark territory, and becoming extremely vocal. With just one simple procedure, you are saving yourself and your cat from weeks of trouble. Male cats that are not neutered will be interested in mating and will spray their territory. Non-neutered male cats tend to become overcome with the desire to “roam” to find a partner to mate with.

By spaying and neutering your cats, you will:
Reduce cat’s urge to mark/spray with urine
Reduce cat’s urge to “roam”, which they do when looking for a mating partner
Reduce unpleasant mounting and mating behaviors

Long Term: Overall, the population of cats in the world simply can’t be attended to. Shelters are constantly flooded with cats that they simply can’t take in, and 1.4 million cats are euthanized each year. One pregnant cat can lead to an exponential amount of kittens in just one lifetime. Cats reach sexual maturity within six months of life, and go through heat cycles many times a year. By spaying and neutering your pets, you’re ensuring that you and your pets won’t be contributing to the abundance of homeless animals in the world.